What is Tithing?

Tithing comes from the Old English word meaning "tenth" and refers to the traditional idea that we are called to give one-tenth of our firstfruits, or 10% of our wealth.

We usually think of tithing as meaning money, and for most churches, they ask members to give financially, which supports the work of the church. Your financial tithe pays for the lights to be on, and pews to be cleaned, and for ministries to take place.

But tithing can also mean a percentage of your time. Give generously as a volunteer, helping in the areas the church needs.

Ways to Give


During Worship

If you are joining us in person for service, you can place your gift in the offering plate during our Tithes and Offering.



COMING SOON! If you'd rather tithe online or are unable to join us in person, you may give your gift safely and securely online by clicking the image above. You may also set up monthly recurring payments through this link.

Give Online


Interested in volunteering? Whave opportunities from Sunday School, Youth Group, Nursery, multimedia, etc. If you would like to learn about volunteer opportunities, please follow the link or contact the church office at (660) 259-2483.

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