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A Quick Note

As we finish out 2020, we are planning for a more "normal" 2021 year of activities. The pandemic is stronger than it has been, and we are still concerned about keeping ourselves safe, but we anticipate with the vaccines coming that 2021 will be business as before. And since it's time to get some new information out, we're bringing back this website.


The Youth Group (nicknamed "The Well") meets on Wednesday nights for a worship service, including food, games, music, and message. We meet in our BRAND NEW YOUTH FELLOWSHIP HALL (woot woot!)

Wednesday worship begins at 6:30 and goes through to 8:30. Worship team practice is at 6:00.

2020-21 at a Glance

Series title

Current Message Series

UR World
2020 has been a difficult year - it feels like the country has been tearing itself apart. There are two big groups out there fighting a war for control, and it can be hard to know where we stand in it as Christians. For this series we're looking at eight major crises that have been building for decades, and how it affects us, and how a Christian response might not be just what everyone expects it to be. The Crises: Economic, Political, Immigration, Language, Climate, and the big one: Race.

Series title

Upcoming Message Series

Jesus Christ vs. the World
We like to think of Jesus as a mild-mannered fellow walking around talking about peace, but in reality he was a smack-talking, hard-hitting in-your-face sort of Messiah warrior. We're looking at ten moments in Jesus's ministry when he took on the Establishment.

Bible Stories

Past Message Series

Love God, Love Your Neighbor
We're looking at what it means to live by Christ's example in the tough choices and struggles of life. This series encourages students to consider how to react in times of facing a bully, in matters of consent, in understanding drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, in coping with stress and abuse. This is a no-holds barred series: we're taking on some tough topics and hoping to find some anchors in the Gospel to live by. Come join us as we examine the situations from a Christian and social-awareness perspective.

Bible Stories
A lot of students go through youth group without getting to know a lot of the really important points of Christian faith. We're tackling those topics - sin, grace, redemption, repentance, faith - through stories that illustrate them. We'll look at the story of Eden, the story of Brown the Dog, the story of the Toymaker, and the story of Stephanie, the abandoned orphan. Through each story we'll build a better picture of what it means to live within God's grace, and what the sacrifice of Christ really means for us individually and together. (Fall 2019)

A Gospel Beginning
So yea, we know there are four gospels. And we know Matthew is first. And we know some of the stuff in it. But now we're going to walk through it, bit-by-bit. Who was John the Baptist? What did Mary know? What is it about the temptations? And those beautitudes? What did Matthew say that the other writers didn't? We'll use his Gospel as a roadmap to understanding Christ's ministry. (Spring 2019)

For the Love of God
Love is tougher than it looks. We're going to start out by looking at some of the hard parts of love: what it is, how we know it, the stress it causes. At the heart of it is the two commandments: Love God with your heart, mind, spirit, and strength: love your neighbor as yourself. We'll take a closer look at what those mean. (Fall 2018)

Samaritan Snack Bar

Our youth group is committed to serving the community and the church. Our Wednesday night snack bar raises money from the youth which goes to support Samaritan's Purse missionaries.

service work