Lexington United Methodist Church

Worship in the time of Coronavirus

News from a Coronavirus Church Youth Group

This is where we will put information regarding youth services during the time of social distancing orders in Missouri and in Lexington.


We hope you are all doing well during this time of quarantine.

UPDATE: we are resuming meeting in person at the church beginning Wednesday, June 10, 2020. Service goes 7:00 - 8:30. See details below.

If you need to contact Mary or Thomas, please do.

Drive-In Notice

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Drive-In! We're very excited about how it went.


We will feature download links to the weekly devotionals here.

[Online] Meetings

Hello All, We have finished using Zoom for our online meetings. We will be meeting in person at the Church, outside, with the following conditions.

  • Weather permitting. If there's rain, we won't meet.
  • Social distancing! Please keep apart.
  • Students are asked to use masks.
  • We are monitoring Missouri COVID-19 conditions. If we believe there to be a substantial risk, we will stop outdoor services and use Zoom again.
  • We will meet at 7, but we will need some help to set up chairs beforehand. We begin set-up at 6:30.

From our (abbreviated) April 29th meeting!


All activities are tentative until confirmed after we have consulted with church and community leadership and checked with health agency guidelines.

  • Drive-in Movie Setup Get-together, June 4 @ 7:00
  • Drive-in Movie, June 5 & 6 at 8:30
  • We resume youth worship outside, June 10th
  • Night Out at the Movies (TBD) and campout at the Cooks, July 24 - 25
  • Rummage Sale and Grillside Lunch August 1
  • Summer Activity Day, August 7-8
  • Drive In Night (part of the Lexington Fair), August 15