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March 2020 Newsletter

Pastor's Post

Spring is coming! The days are getting longer and I cannot wait for the time change. It seems winter has lasted for a full year.

Actually the calendar is moving right along. Ash Wednesday will have already happened by the time you read this letter. As part of our Lenten series this year I am going to spend the first two weeks talking about generous living. My context is financial giving with the understanding that everything we have is a gift from God. Sometimes we are appreciative of the gifts and spend them the way God intends but sometimes we get off track. How we understand and use our money is often indicative of our relationship with God. If we believe God has blessed us we will reciprocate that blessing. If we are fearful we do not have enough it is often true that we do not trust God to provide for us. I know it seems that it cannot be quite that simple!

When it comes to giving to your church I want to thank those who have given so generously. Thank you for funding our ministries and providing for the upkeep of our building! There are many families in our church that I believe need to consider their giving and ask their selves if this is the amount that truly represents their commitment as a family of faith. We truly need all of our members to help row the boat! I believe that everyone can give financially! It is true that some can give more than others but no one should be exempt. God asks us to trust Him in this area and we will explore it in much more detail!

See you in church!


Snippets from Mary's Desk

Hi Church Family,

February has been a very interesting month to say the least. As we tried to start up our youth again the weather, the Super Bowl, and the flu have made it a challenging season, but we have now successfully had 2 meetings. The Youth kids were so excited to be together again and it was a joy to see them enjoying the fellowship with each other! We have several events coming up this month with our youth. They are as follows: chili and baked potato bar fundraiser on March 11th from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. Please plan to join us! Cost is a free will donation. The money will go towards our mission trip this summer and other youth activities. We also plan to have a movie night at the Cannonball theater and they may invite friends to attend and will dress in 80's attire. The date has not yet been set.

March 4th we are having a prayer and fellowship supper. We will serve a simple supper and have a group prayer service to pray for our community, our country, and our church and any other concerns we may have. There is a lot going on in our world today and our greatest resource is our communication with our heavenly Father. I like the saying "I may not have the answers but I know who does!" Please sign up to join us from 5:30-6:30 P.M. on that day.

If you have a place where you would like to serve please let us know in the office. I see so many places for ministry so I am sure there is a place for you!!

A big thank you to The Jameses, the Johnsons and the Cooleys for our lovely Valentine Dinner. It was great as usual! Thanks families.

Thank you to our Children's Church volunteers. We are still seeking a few more but the new programs seems to be a hit. Don't forget to bring your kiddos at 10:20 a.m. starting on March 1st for practice with Jan for their song on Palm and Easter Sundays.

Thanks to Debbie and Nancy we have warm coffee and donuts every Sunday morning and it is a blessing and we have a new volunteer to help! Thank you Tony Negrete. If you would like to volunteer for this ministry please sign up in the Narthex on the day you would help.

Have a blessed month,


P.S. Remember the Ad board meeting on March 2nd.

Peace, Faith & Love

By Tanya Vernon

The Bible says God knits you together in the womb. Sometimes I feel I was made only from my mother's spool.

We depend as infants and small children on our parents for nourishment, comfort and safety, basic human needs. Most of us were provided with these things and much more. But a parent's love and presence are as necessary for a child's physical and emotional health and survival as food and shelter.

My birth father is a stranger to me. The only tangible things I have to prove his parentage are my eyes and the fact that my DNA proves I am 30.2% of Hispanic heritage. I will spare the sordid Jerry Springer Show details of the coupling that produced me. But for all the drama, here I am, flesh and blood, with a scared and fragile heart and a mind filled with doubt and fear of abandonment.

Let me make it perfectly clear that my grandparents did a wonderful job in raising me and my mom in her own way is a part of my life. But one wonders "What is wrong with me?" when a parent or parents leave or are just not a part of your life. You grow up feeling unworthy and unwanted. The "Daddy Issue" joke is very real. I looked for male approval and married too young, thinking I had found the security and love I craved.

When I started going to church, I learned that God was my father much more than my earthly father had ever been. Oh, the things our Lord has healed me from, provided for me, taught me and blessed me with! These things are invaluable. James 1:17 states "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

I know many of you share my story of a fractured family or parental abandonment. I share my experiences not for pity, but so you may feel there are others like yourself who understand your pain. That there are those of us who "get it." We need to be transparent because honestly none of us have it all together and admitting our pain to both God and others in a safe space can be healing. We are all wounded from SOMETHING in our lives. What others do is out of our control, but how we respond to them is our responsibility. I choose to no longer be angry at my father because first of all it hurt me more then him and secondly I am too blessed by the people who did want me to hold on to the hurt anymore. I truly hope that you can, in your own unique situation, forgive and do the same.


The Heartland District Innovation Team is bringing you a workshop "How to Connect New People to Christ" based on the goals of our Missouri Annual Conference. Not only are we creating new places for new people, we are learning how to invite them there! We all know that nothing works better than a personal invitation to join in on all the amazing activities our churches have to offer. We also know that it sounds like everyone would know how to do this... but the truth is people don't know how to be invitational to church. They even go as far as to be quiet about their faith due to fear, until you give them something to talk about. So, let's give them something to talk about!

This workshop supplies a process for developing relationships that have the potential to spring into deeper ones, where faith can be shared freely and comfortably... relationships that make space for natural invitations We plan to take a group for training April 19th—First UMC—Warrensburg—2:00-4:00 pm. Please let us know if you will attend with Pastor Terry.

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